Wednesday, January 2, 2013

76 days and 10 hours till spring

That is the date of spring.....................not really spring in da UP....  :(

But the weather has been crazy and who knows...wonders never cease.

It is going to be a great year.......  

Well the missing item we have searched for two days has not appeared.  :(

But very thankful  and will be very excited when we get Baker Boys hearing aids, but very disappointed
 1. It was not ours it was on loan....
2. had no insurance....well cause it was not ours
.3.  Sick feeling in stomach....
4.  Know that God is the blessed controller of all things.  Believe this with all our heart and soul.... 
5. If we are not lead to find it we will spend the money the Lord has blessed us with to pay for is all the Lords money be it a dime or be it a dollar.  We are just to be good stewards.  

Three gifts for today:
The gift of friendship
The gift of family
The gift of ans prayers.....

To God Be The Glory