My heart desires this day is  Peace and simplicity....
The person I would have most liked to meet this side of heaven would have been Mother Teresa
 Wife to a God fearing wonder man for 43 years
 Mom, to boys now four grown men.....four blended together by love ...fifth one now residing in heaven....
 Granny to 17
Great Granny to FOUR......:)

I am having  a wonderful life.
   through it all Jesus has been King.

We live in the UP  near  Lake Superior and she is as beautiful
 but on the other hand

 she can throw some mighty big snow balls in the winter.

  And lots of them.
The snows are not near like they were in the 70's.

  Those snow storms back then are a whole blog in them selves.

Putting God first in my  life has truly makes all the difference in the world.

God is good all the time

   All the time God is good...................

To God Be The Glory