Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy June 1st---Cool Spring a great Sabbath

Sunday, June 01, 2008

This is the coolest spring we have ever seen since we lived in the UP. 34 years.. Somehow my hubby did not want to put in a big garden this year and it looks like he may have been right. We covered tomatoes in front flower garden last night but I don't think it froze. We put out four tomatoes..two in an earth box and two in a half rain barrel..We will see. They do say there are two things you can not you know what they are????

Yip Love and home grown tomatoes....they are the best.

Baker Boys brother and wife were here a few weeks. It went so fast. BiL bought me flowers and 7 packages of beets. I now have enough beets to plant for the whole UP. We always roll our out with a rolling pin before we plant them. This works great for us. It is to wet to get out to the garden. BBoy has a row of carrots from last year that winter well. So we are still eating fresh carrots. YUM YUM

We are making pizza for church next week. We are upping it from 4-6. Our son and Dil are bringing DQ and we have pizza and root beer floats. It seems to be going very well. We have only done this once before we half baked them and it was tricky getting pizza hot right when church is over. Last time we forgot to turn the ovens on preheat and it took awhile. But oh well....there was good fellowship.

The sun is shinning and the birds are happy.

We have the first cardinal ever in our bird feeder this year. He is so beautiful it took 34 years to get one and it was worth the wait. I will post picture of him soon.

Have a great day and a wonderful Sabbath.....

To God Be The Glory