Monday, December 8, 2008

Canned Venison

Baker Boy starting to cut up the Venison
This is about our fourth or fifth cook stove in the last thirty years. This one is as great as its mama and by far one of the most superior cook stoves out there. It holds logs up to 18 inches. Has a very big fire box holds a fire for 10-12 hours. This is called the Baker's Choice and there is a bigger one called the Pioneer Maid which we had before we moved to this house. It heats our whole house and it is an airtight wood stove. They also burn coal. We got it new. They are made by the Amish in Canada. We have had antique cook stoves and they may have more chrome and be beautiful but they do not hold a fire very long.

Our Canned Venison that really shrank a lot......( that is not really yellow chunks in the jar its the photographer.... :) We usually put up pints but I wanted to try quarts this time. We put two pounds of venison in each jar. A Clove of garlic pinch of salt, and no broth. We let it make its own broth.
You should take all the fat off of venison. and added hint someone one time shared with me.
(If you put two tablespoons of white vinegar in the pressure caner the jars come out sparkling)
Tomorrow going to put up Road Kill Stew.... (Not really road kill) But I like the name... :)

It seems it would be hard to find meat any more organic.....

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