Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aug 11 Bye Honey......

WE sold the Honey on Tues. and I cried a tear
cause I loved the Honey.

She was a 1988 Older much loved mini Class C 24 feet long and was just perfect.
Honey had one big downfall.....
.Honey had a horrendous appetite ....
(nine miles gas on a good day) They told us when we bought her that she would get 11-13

Dennis a fellow RV said one thing about Rverr
they all lie... :) when it come to gas mileage.
Honey loved Gas....
she could drink and drink and drink..

LJ wanted to sell her
I was not that sure. So we prayed and put her for sale and ask if it did not sell by the 15 of Aug. we would keep her. We must have showed her 20-30 times. Many people  loved her and two couples we thought were coming back but no show.
I was getting excited. I circled the 15 of Aug. on my calendar and wrote in big letters with hearts around it that the honey was mine.
One week to go...
and then the  day the phone rang. OH No they want the honey and are going to pick her up next Tuesday.
OK I said get it together.....You prayed now be thankful there is something else in store.
I must confess going out to say good bye was hard.
She was cleaned out and sparkling when she left.
LJ said she had a smile on her face but I didn't see it.
                                            NOW WHAT.......

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