Friday, March 20, 2009

Snowflake talks with God

Dear God
thank you for giving us the grace to go through what we have to.
You give us today s grace today.
Not tomorrows grace today....we get what we need when we need it. We are so thankful for this. I forget this so many many times....
We can give you all our worries and all our stress and truly know
that our God is good....all the time.
We do not have to try and fig it out. We just need to trust. Your hand is in it all.
You are the blessed controller of all things.
Just like it said on a plaque that I gave to my mom oh so many years ago....
Thank you for this assurance. You have done it all. We need to do nothing. But accept and love and trust.
What a great and awesome God you are. Thank you for Jesus for Your son who made it possible to have a life knowing that all is well that ends well. And the end will be the best part of the new beginning.

love ya

To God Be The Glory