Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8 Driveway like ice rink

We have lost a real lot of snow. (smile, smile, smile)

Yesterday's weather makes one shout for joy. Jump for Joy... and Sing for Joy...... well maybe you would not want to hear the singing part. Baker Boy says I sound just like Lucile Ball....

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary And I praise God for such a wonderful husband. The love of my life as my good friend Alice says about her Loren everyday. We wish Gods speed and recovery for Loren he is in the hospital now and please say a healing prayer for him.

We had a benefit spaghetti dinner at church for a friend in need, and it was a wonderful turn out. Also great food. How blessed we are to have such great caring friends. In this day and age the community needs to stick together and take care of each other when there is a need.

We live in a very small community and they are wonderful when someones needs some help.

God Bless have a wonderful Sabbath and remember

God is good..........................all the time...........

To God Be The Glory