Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14 Prepare your family for hard times

Preparing for hard time is always a good idea even when the economy seemed good. Now days it just makes good sense. Hurricanes, tornadoes, lay offs, job loss. You never know and we can learn a lot form our Mormon friends. They try to keep a year food storage. This is a wonderful idea.
 Hoarding for yourself .. NO absoulutly not. But maybe feeding your neighbor or someone less fortunate.

It never did make since to say when people are in debt to go out and spend more money they don't have. But many have... but no looking back now...only forward

If we ran our household like the govt we would have all been in trouble a long ,long time ago.
Maybe an old fashion genes stuck in me from my fore fathers. You live within you means .
We have always tried to do this but I must admit there have been many times when we failed. But you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start all over again.

Get to the place that you only buy food that are on sale.

 Buy 8- 12 if you can.. a lot of sales run in cycles. Unless of course its horseradish. Well you may love horseradish and want 12 but you get what I mean. You may have to eat beans for a week till you get this started but soon you can buy steak if you want (when its on sale that is.) Buy four or five dozen eggs when they are on sale. They keep along time in the refrigerator.
I just made a vegetarian fried rice recipe that baker boy loved. Well I put in three eggs and some do not call this strict vegetarian.......but I do... :)

Fried Rice
A bit of olive oil (bought on sale and well worth the price) in a cast iron pan heat till very hot.
put in sliced fresh onion we love onion so we put in a whole med sized one
added fresh cut carrots.( that you bought on sale) or grew in your garden
added two to three cups of precooked rice.
When rice was hot we added three beaten eggs. Stir this around till eggs cook up.
we topped it off with some frozen asparagus about a cup or a cup and half.
You could use green beans.
(anything green in freezer or garden.)
We topped it off with a bit of lite soy sauce. 50% less sodium than reg soy sauce.
It has to be pretty........ :)

This was so good ......we loved it and baker boy had me make it again a few later

this time we cut up two pork chops (bought on sale) cooked it with the onion and left out the eggs.

Just for fun I poured a little home made red wine over the top and it was wonderful. It was strawberry homemade wine.
This will be added to our menu weekly. Eggs are cheap and so is pork , you could sub any meat I am sure.
Stretch the meat and stretch the budget. We have always had a few veg meals a week. Really sometimes cheaper foods are just as good. Beans, Rice.

We have done this for years this last month we are eating a lot of our stash. I have bought no groceries other than perishables for the last month.

To God Be The Glory