Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/2 time oven it is amazing......

Margie bakes this bread (sour dough) in a Half time oven in 15 min. Her sourdough is made with potatoes,
LJ has always made his with yeast.  She is bringing us a start when she comes back from her home. Yippee.

 Gotta have one of these ovens.
 They are three in one.  Convection, Micro and oven. 
She has had hers five years and she said she hardly ever uses her big oven.

 Can you even believe how this browns.  And it is very very good bread.
We  looked on the net and they are very heavy 50 lbs. Wow we must live in the boonies because I have never ever heard of a 1/2 bake 3 in one .....  gee.............

 Not sure it will fit in Rosie
 but I am thinking of a spot.
LJ said maybe this could be a summer Christmas present. :)

This guy just would not move and seemed so content.

Cleaned house today and than went on a ride down every street in Port O'Connor.
  It was a warm but overcast day.

My Personal thoughts: 

I think People do think we are a little crazy cause we are staying in such a small rig.
 But if we were millionaires we would not give Rosie up.
 Larry loves driving her and so do I.  It is just the perfect thing for us.
 We love being together.
 This is not a way to travel for everyone.

 ( But we never were main stream.)

 Old Hippies I guess.  :)

Today and everyday, I thank God for His grace.
 For It is not what we do but what He has done.
( He has done great things.)

Our son was telling us a part of a story that happened in our Church.  Someone said someone was maybe  not having a Christian attitude.  Then the someone replied.  It's prob not but that is why I am squeaking in with God's grace. Grace what a wonderful gift. 
  I love this

 We all sin no one is perfect. 

We feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people in this park.

 If we never meet again this side of heaven
we are hoping to see them all again someday.

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