Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boy did it Rain

When the Texas weather man says rain. Believe him.
He is probably going to be right on.

Well yesterday we had I think Doug said  we had 6 1/2 inches rain.
More than that in some  surrounding areas. pumps going night and day and by golly we didn't float away.
Mary Jo said we were in one of the lowest parts of their park.
This was a rain I won't forget for a while.

We are leaving Port O'Connor in 26 days.
 Heading to the north. The weather will probably get real nice here after we leave. (smile)
 One day you could wear capri's but we still have not had a picnic at the picnic table.
 I have never seen such wind as here.

We want to hit a few national parks, go to Paris,Texas to Swaim's Hardware and hang around Ark for a few days.
 Than LJ wants to go to Kansas and to the Sana Fe trail.

I really love the simplicity of our life in Rosie  our collection of "stuff" is a fraction of what it is back home.
 I may become a minimalist.
Life is a strange thing. We buy and buy, and collect than collect more.
But when it comes right down to it we do become a minimalist whether we want to or not.
 Because no matter what anyone says "You can't take it with you"
 When we stand before our maker
 I don't believe we will have any suitcases.

God is good............all the time

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  1. Enjoying your travels. What did you do with Carol and Dennis? Weird weather this winter. Your man Carol is not getting it right.

    Tim at shooting range in Chatham today with a camp friend.


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