Monday, February 8, 2010

Girls Day out

Lets hurry and eat this so we can go to the Chocolate Bar!
Millie, Carol, Ann, and Alma..   We were hard at work shopping and eating while back at the Beacon.....
The guy's  having fun frying up shrimp, fish, tater tops and jalapeno Popper's
Looking good......boxes and boxes of our Fish fry potluck.  This has been a great RV park.  Not only are the people great the food has been fantastic.  We have made many wonderful new friends that we hope to keep in touch with.......................
It will be bittersweet when we leave Fri.....
We are going North. (I know we are nuts)  its colder up there.
  Going to see a cousin and go to the cowboy capital of the world.  Leaving flatland and the coast and going to the hills.   Posted by Picasa

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