Friday, February 5, 2010

This has been the best vacation......we have had a glad we decided to hit the road.

America is a beautiful place and there is so much to see.  Flying in an airplane just does  not do it for us.

Found this Cowboys prayer and thought it was great.

Cowboys Prayer

May God give you gentle horses,
And an even trail to ride,
Pure waters, greener pastures,
And a good friend by your side,

May you always have protection,
From the northern winds that blow,
And may you find God’s Blessing
wherever you may go.

We are going to go to the Cowboy Capital of the world in the next month or so...Bandera

We leave Beacon 44 next Fri morning and it is fun trying to decide where to go next.

The 300 days of sunshine of San Antonio may be calling us....  :)
I love San Antonio.......and love the sun too... 

San Antonio Climate
San Antonio has a mild, temperate climate with an average of about 300 sunshine days per year.

The winters are mild, with average temperatures ranging between 40°F - 62°F.

LJ likes 60's it is like spring all the time. 

We do want to make a trip up to Madagorda before we leave this area.

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