Monday, March 1, 2010

Thoughts from Texas

We are leaving in three weeks from tomorrow and heading North.

 LJ wants to go to a Swaim's hardware in Paris Tx and than wants to stop at Graceland .
Than north maybe to Rockville for a quick stop at cousins than on to our kids in lower Mi and Indiana. Than to the UP...............home.  Where I am going to take a shower for an hour..  (smile)

People do think we are crazy traveling in such a small unit. But over all it has worked out great. A few days have been trying but we get over it.. :)  It is hard to get in an argument in such a small area.  But very possible...  :)

We are going up to Kerrville this week and a few more Jam sessions.  There is so much going on here you could be busy all the time.

Lots of Bikes in Bandera our son Sam would love it here.  There must have been a rally this weekend for bikers. 

 I do love this Texas. Love all the sun. It rained last night what a wonderful sound of rain hitting the roof, and all I could think of was thank you Lord as the flowers need it.
They are saying this should be a spectacular year for the wildflowers after such a drought;
There has been great rains in Texas this year.

Also they say spring is almost here. Yippeee... everyone tells us this is the coldest winter in Texas that they can remember.
 Very unusual.

This has been a fantastic trip and one we will remember for ever.

Please say  prayers  for  good friends Sarah
and Sarah healing and health..........thank you Lord......

God is good....................................all the time....

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