Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Staying a Month at Bandera

Maybe people canceled because of the weather but we just received the news they have room for us for a month.  They rolled over our two nights into the monthly rate which was great.

Well this may have been Texas snow but not quite like at home...:)
Sleet and rain this am.  But sun and high 50's tomorrow.

We met some nice folk from Oklahoma.  We are going to lunch with them in town.

Shinja  and Van were telling us tonight there is music at another rv park we are planning on going with them.

The club house has a beautiful warm fireplace it is a pretty big club house.
There is another  building and they are saying it has an exercise room that we have not went over and checked out yet.
At four o'clock everyday  they have games in the club house for those who want to go.

My new friend Shinja says they have and Ice cream social once a week.  Now that is right up my alley.. :)

Supposed to be in the 50's and sunny tomorrow.

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