Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rosie Roadtrek is six months old...(to us).

We have had Rosie six months now.   She has been one of the best things we have ever bought.  She is just like being home.  We have went over 6,000 miles now.  Every change we have made has made such an improvement for our lifestyle.     We finally put Nyla our 65# dog up in one of the back seats for her bed.  This has been on of the best things yet.  Now she has a bed and we don't have to fall over her every time we were getting up.  She loves it and can look out the window.  We put down a big beach towelIMG_1673 she is loving it.
Today again Mr. Sun Mr. Golden Sun shine your light on me.....
My cousin Betty told me anytime the temp dropped 10 degrees it was a cold front.  ( I told her this is our summer temps.)  They did say 74 tomorrow and rain so no sun for the next two days.  She said the temps in Texas have been about 10-15 degrees lower than normal. 
Our neighbors from Wisconsin (the wood carver) and another couple from W Va came over this afternoon for a few hours.  The ones from W VA camp a lot of the Corp campgrounds.  Jeff loaned us their corp book the other day.  We really liked it and he said they had them in Sattler at Aces hardware.  We could not decide if we wanted to spend the 16 dollars for a book right now.  But we went into town a few days ago and found the book....              Guess what was on the front??????
Look close............................
of all the campers and RV's ....  There was another Roadtrek on the cover....  We  laughed and thought we could not leave with out the book...
  We are thinking it will save us some money and also the Corp parks are beautiful and half price for seniors.  A real perk....
Rosie also gave us a great big surprise today.  We were talking with Jeff and ask him how he was getting in TV.  He said he bought a box for his older TV  and with his antenna on top of rv it brought him in over 40 channels ..  LJ and I were than thinking we just bought a new digital TV on this trip for Christmas and  Rosie is supposed to have a hidden Antenna in her roof somewhere.........mmmm.  Just for fun we should try hooking the cable up.  We did and we were very very surprised when we received 17 channels.  So last night was a late night we stayed up and  watched the Olympics.  We really did not miss  TV that much but it was nice to see the skaters and hear the news. So it was a real blessing.

God is good..................................all the time......

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