Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Two At Canyon Lake

We went back up to the gate this morning and got our spot on first come first serve for a week.  It is right on the water it is so beautiful. 

Larry counted 8 male deer with 8 points or more.  About 20-30 doe.  Everywhere you look there are deer.

We are at a different section of the park now this park is very big.  We picked from three spots and within the hour the other two spots were also taken.  We went up at just the right time.  This has been the longest and the warmest weather in a row since we arrived in Texas.  It must be about 65-68 right now.  


View from out Rosie's window....

The sun is shining and boy I love this area.  We are going to be here for a week so no internet access.  But will connect when we go into town.

Tony just told me our grandson's picture is on page six of the new Masters catalog with his deer.  Think we are going to have to go to Bass Pro and get one.  Of course it will be hard to talk LJ into it.....  :)

God is good.........................all the time

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  1. Hey you guys! It was great talking to you this morning,I just had to go and see if I could check out your blog! I have had trouble sometimes! You look great! I'm sooooooo happy your enjoying yourselves! God Bless you both and stay safe! Lots of Hugs!


To God Be The Glory