Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15 Where Is Rosie Now??

We have found the greatest campground.  It is Canyon Lake .
It is so peaceful and quiet.  That is amazing because it is almost full.
There are about 20-30 kids in this family area.  I love being back with kids. They are great.  
IMG_1333-1  Axis Deer it is beautifulIMG_1358 Canyon Lake Army Corp IMG_1362 our neighborIMG_1376
Perfect sunset to a perfect day.                                                        Rosie loves it here she is smiling pretty big.                                                                                                       It is in the 60's and sunny and beautiful.  LJ loves it here. There are about thirty or forty deer that roam the park.  People feed them and few bucks have some pretty nice racks.  We are going to try and stay here a bit longer.  No internet and no TV but that's ok.

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