Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 17 Canyon Lake

A ride to San Marcos today it was chilly this am and warmed up to a beautiful sunny day.sun 60 something.
IMG_1625 IMG_1623
Devil's Backbone.   Nine Canyons 4700 acres.  This was once home for the Comanche and Apache Indians.  Confederate soldiers on a new quest for gold breathed their last in the Devils Backbone.
LJ bought a new toy..IMG_1639
We needed an air compressor  and it had to be very small to fit in Rosie.
We took down the new table LJ build a few days ago and put back up the old one. It seemed it was to cramped with the new one.                                                                                                       Our neighbor is a wood carver from Wisconsin.  He carves bottle stoppers and walking  canes.  They are very nice.  One cane he carved out of a cactus.  .I am going to try and get some pictures of them today. 

IMG_1660 IMG_1637
We arrived back at the park and was greeted by this guy...........and a wonderful sunset that lasted a long long time.  What a great day.........
LJ was getting in the back and if you look real close you can see two deer behind him...
All and all it was one of the greatest days ever.  we are praising God for our new miracle Bailey Lynn. How anyone can look at a new born baby and not believe in God is beyond me.....................
God is so good................................  all the time...

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