Saturday, March 6, 2010

A trip to Doctor March 6th

LJ shares is 50-50  the nurse told him.    He gave me his illness
it required a trip and a breathing treatment for me this morning. a shot and three prescriptions a few hundred dollars later. We should be good to go..

We made a trip to Kerrville for meds and did see our first Armadillo ...a dead one along the side of the road.

It was really twister turney roads.  Saw some daffodils out.   Didn't feel like taking any pictures.  except of the dead Amadillo....  I must be a real sickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  but it might be the only one I ever see...

We are heading home Mon am.  It may take us more than a few days to get there.

The snow is going fast in the UP .....but LJ is hoping to run the snow blower yet this season. 

God is good .............................all the time

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