Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter wonderland is appearing

                                           New cover for snowblower

Lj is not sure he likes it but it will be nice when the temps go below zero in Jan.   He said it is just getting used to it.             It turns different now.

Rosie is still sitting with her winter coat....Under a not so charming GREN TARP.

 DIL calls her the green bean. She grew to tall and will not fit in our garage. Good thing we are not in a subdivision..

Now its the green bean. Looks like she is getting her hair done. Well not really but its not the most charming look.

Rosie whispered to me when I went outside for a second yesterday....

"When are we getting out of here"??????????? she chimed.

I smiled and said Time will tell little green bean.........mean while LJ is just enjoying is white stuff.

22 inches so far and rising so he has to go back out today and start in again good excersie right?

In the meantime  I need to call grandson and see if we can get the roof shoveled.:)
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  1. Rosie sounds wonderful. Glad she found such a good home.


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