Saturday, October 29, 2011

40-45 A Great Fall almost winter day

40  The gift of smelling pie baking in the oven
41 Am so grateful for our van
42 grateful and thankful for our Church
43thank ful for our Pastor and all the caring Pastor around the world
44 for laughter
45for not killing that baby deer that hit our van last night

A Great evening with friends last night celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary.  Ate way to much food but it was good..

A nice sunny day....and no snow yet.

A deer hit us coming home last night.  Thankfully we think it was ok.. We searched in the dark and found nothing.  sigh

Today is our Harvest Fest at Church...

smelling pumpkin pies baking in the oven right now...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  smell good.

Always remember
God is good .................all the time
All the time.............God is good.

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