Friday, November 4, 2011

This is the day that the Lord hath made this is the day....

Woke up singing......

The one thing that is a biggie for me that I have learned Lord ......  is that

No matter how I feel at the time .....This to shall pass...

What a thing to be thankful for feeling come and feelings go.....

But we know Lord.... You are steadfast.....You are love
You are grace....  Thank you for all you have done.
Thankful for tomorrow.....The promise of tomorrow ..
Here there or in the air...(as Bob Laurent used to say)

Off we go to Escanaba today to get Rosie some minor surgery....  she does not know..  shhhhhhhhhh
She has a leaky window maybe she is crying..  
But she should be happy now...
She gets to get out of the cold snow and winter..  Yippeeeeeee  for Rosie..

Look close    Do you see a smile on her face????

Thank you Lord for Rosie....she is one great RV ...

Thankful so thankful
That bad moods do not stay bad moods forever
That music is such a great thing and thankful for great composers
Thankful that God is good............all the time...
Thankful that this is the day the Lord hath made
there will never be another just like it..
Thankful for all the new friends we will meet today and Please show us Lord who we can help or bless ...

Always remember:
God is good.......all the time
All the time God is good.

Oh thankful for spell checker... now just need and English checker.. :)  


  1. I will become your English checker Flakey!!! Love Lorette

  2. Oh that is so great cause you know me well L LOL... hugs


To God Be The Glory