Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Groceries oh groceries

Well every time we go to the Grocery store sticker shock sits in.

 What a challenge to eat healthy on such a small budget.

 We have changed our diet since baker boys two heart attacks this year. He had one the end of Feb and one the end of March. It runs in his family and we feel is pretty generic. We have also ate pretty healthy. Not as good as we could have. But Beans and rice used to be frugal and very good for you.

We are buying more good stuff these days like olive oil and more beans. Will add some healthy recipes soon. We have a healthy white chili we are loving and it is pretty low cost.

Bakerboy is getting some pretty good ones from cardiac rehab. We are going to try and eat fish twice a week. We love canned salmon and tuna so that should be an easy one. We stock up when salmon and tuna goes on sale. The biggest thing to learn when you are short of money is to buy what is on sale. It does take a while to stock up but it is better than money in a saving account. We buy 6 boxes every time our favorite cracker goes on sale. It is a saving of over .50 a box....that adds up to a saving of three dollars. On something we were going to buy any way.

At amount of the interest rate in the saving right now I fig it is a better investment than the bank. We have always lived a very frugal life. We loved living on the land and growing our own food. But this year we are putting in a very small garden. The weather has been crummy. We are 10 days behind last year. Our lilacs just came out last Sat.

It is an amazing year.

But the one thing we do know is that God is the Blessed Controller of all things. We have so very much to be thankful for. We pray for wisdom to be able to write things that may help others.

God is good all the time................

To God Be The Glory