Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Road Kill Stew (just kidding about the road kill)

Well today we finished cutting up the last hind quarter of the deer. We cut it into venison steaks. Any piece not good for steaks we put with the front quarter we cut up and put in the refrigerator a few days ago for Our Road Kill Stew.........
This is the recipe:

I used about 4-5 #s of meat but if you are a big meat eater you could put more meat in jars.
7 Quart Jars, and 7 lids and 7 rings......... ( I will take the diamond kind of rings) tee hee (flake is tired)

Venison Stew........ (Road Kill Stew is what we call it..... :)
4-5# of cut up venison ( I brown mine in a skillet with a tad of EVOO. (Olive Oil) and no I am not Rachel Ray..................
I do about two carrots a jar
1 clove of Baker Boys garlic
1 cut up onion
1 1/2-2 Potatoes
1 tesp of Onion soup mix
then add boiling water (not clear to the top leave about 1 inch) make sure your jars are very hot or they will crack and you will cry...........I load my pressure canner with clean sterile jars and they get real hot by the time I get to add the hot boiling water stage.. load those baby up and then put on hot lids and rings..........

Follow you basic pressure canning procedures: (75 min 10#s of pressure it what I do) My pressure cooker shakes and it used to drive my kids crazy. They would say they went to bed with it jiggling and wake up and it was still jiggling.
It is jiggling away right now and could drive one a bit crazy. But to keep it that way
I need to go put some more wood on the fire and get it back up to med heat....... (smile)

To God Be The Glory