Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday , Sunny and the Sabbath

Sunday is such a special day.

a sunny one makes it even better....

....... a day from work, we (thats Baker Boy a
nd me)

choose to make this day a day of rest.

Well for the most part....we are not perfect with it...

This afternoon we went for a ride to Munising......the sun was out here all day
it snowed all day in Munising.

At around 11:22 am we declared that this is going to be a year of fun....

.. we are very seriously thinking of going to Texas and FL for part of next winter.

Our one son laughed and another one said he would believe it when he sees it.......

We tried one time and made it to Indiana for a month and came back to da UP......... did not quite hit Texas or FL. That should be a great cure for cabin fever.

Well it will be fun planning it anyway.... (smile)

We are going to look at a camper van tomorrow. So we will see what happens.

To God Be The Glory