Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A very poor story (but true) about a summer day in the U.P.

Chapter One:
One hot summer day in August
this pretty little lady was on a piece of milkweed.
Into the house in a jar she came..
with a very loose lid milkweed stuffed in it

Chapter Two
The great Escape:
the following morning she was gone.

...we gave up searching
several hours later I saw
a thingy hanging on the bottom of a table,
it looked kinda weird
like a big piece of lint....... (no glasses on yet)
No its not lint
there the little dickens was....
attached under the table.

How did she ever get that far?
she already had formed a very stiff looking J
A few weeks l ater she turned green
and formed a (chrysalis)...
One day
right after lunch was about 1:03

LOOK ...I yelled

..she is not green anymore.
you could like see through it..
Baker Boy picked up the table and took it outside

Chapter Three:
The greater Escape

about two min after I shot the above picture ...
she had make the great escape

Her wings were wet

an hour or so she took her first ride.
She flew and fell flat on her face
She was like a pilot going up for her very first trial ride.
she could have never landed in the Hudson.

Chapter Four
The Greatest Escape:

But after a few shakey circles she went higher and higher
as quick as she came into our life she was gone......
She turned to me and said:
..Yip...going to Mexico

that is where we should be right now

lucky butterfly.

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