Friday, December 4, 2009

We arrive in Naples

Happy Birthday to our son Mike.
We arrived in Naples safe and sound
and are very thankful for a safe trip.
The brothers are a lot of fun and many
laughs were had by all....
It has been a great journey so far
and Rosie has been running like a charm.
Ron and Lois house is very beautiful
and comfortable.  It seemed very 
sad not to have Lois here. We miss her
so much.....
 We than went out and picked
up a few groceries.  Went out to eat
 Than went home very tired.snore snore
next day:
Computer went down power cord died.  Need
to tell DIL  Pam to watch her power cord. 
 Went to Radio Shack....$90.00 later..... we
are back up and running.
We stayed around the house and went to
Verizon.  Than picked up some fruit. yum yum
Online tether is also not working. 
 (sigh).  But Bil has wifi so we are good to
 Guys are fixing Rosie's leak around sky light
window.  It is around 86 today so it should
be warm enough for silcone.
It is snowing in the UP of Michigan
 I have to say I am very glad to be here. :)
Talked with Jen and please pray for Lance
 her father.
He received some news today that was not so
Have a blessed evening.
God is good....................................all the time..
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