Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Day around Reedsville and White cap Amish buggy

There are seven mountains around Reedsville and we are on top of was very windy last night.
we are staying in Rosie cause the flu bug found me....but now on the mend quite nice and feel tomorrow will be a  much better day.  We didnt go to Hershey today as planned today no chocolate for now.... :(

Ron showed us around the area yesterday it was a great trip.  I just felt pretty crummy....Hope LJ and Ron dont get this...or anyone else in the family... 

We stopped at some great stores but with Rosie so small we have to watch what we buy...

Had a wonderful lunch with Lois  family at Aunt Ester's....she had potatoe soup  that reminded me of my gramma's it was out of this world.  She really had a feast....
Kermit told me some great stories of the area.  This is really a neat community.
Monday there deer season opens so a lot of the men are getting ready to go to camp....Good luck guys...
There are three kinds of amish unique to this area... this is a white topper...
A white topper going down the road.  When we got closer she shook her finger at me I really did not mean to offend her.  I was after the buggy not the people.  But she saw the flash in the car window. 
This is a yellow topper... Posted by Picasa
I didnt get a picture of the black toppers but they are the one's I grew up with around Goshen Indiana.

Dave took this of us and Chief  running press.  This is outside of Kish Printing
This is a hand carved chief of the
Kishicoquillas, pronounced Kish-a^ok'il-as

Lois sisters family has been wonderful and we are so glad we got to meet all of them.
It would have been a perfect day if the flu bug didnt attack.....
Tomorrow  more on the " whatever where ever trip"
we are headed for Virginia
 I think.....

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