Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Perfect Sat with the kids

Oh dear we missed it...  :)

I told you pops turn here!!!! 

He never listens to me!!!!!!!

Grandson with four arms......

Are you looking at me?

Grandma I really dig this computer stuff....

Just give me one more krispie bar.......... 
Dad and Sons

We had a great time this last week.  Tomorrow morning
we pack Rosie and head on down the road.
Rosie sleeps well......better than our own bed at home.
We love our RT (Roadtrek) more and more all the time.
We picked up a shelf bar.  so everything does not roll on the floor.
and a couple of hooks to hang clothes on.
Rick gave LJ some kind of stablizer which really helps Rosie not
move while you are walking around. 
Nyla loves traveling and she is always ready to hit the road.
So in the morning we can sing
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