Monday, November 9, 2009

Going to be a great grandma YIPPEEEE

Grand daughter came out to say good bye today
we said good bye to our new baby who may be
a few months old when we get to meet her.....
Momma is looking pretty pg.......
we had a great day.
What a blessing she is..
We went to eat at snack bar ...

The weather was amazing today .....sunny and warm.

After she left it was back to work.
Two days to go......hope the weather holds out and we
don't have to go in a white out.  Which we have done way to many times. 
We are continually amazed at all the space in
Rosie. We thought we had way, way to much and we still
have empty spaces.
She (Rosie) is a brand new girl now she turned over 00000
last night so we are starting out new. Well it wont be to hard to figure out how many miles we go on our trip.
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time to call it a day..............................night

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