Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well 6 days and counting

Well six days and count down begins.
We are sure we will forget something that is a given.
Trying to even think of everything we may need in the next few months
seems pretty crazy.
LJ braced the roof of his shop up yesterday to help with the snow load.
I finished up Christmas presents so we will not have to mail so many of them. 
We removed all of our valuables from the house so  we don't have to worry about that.  Not that we had that may valuables….we have contacted the police so they can check it out every once in a while and we have a great neighbor who will be on house patrol.. so another matter taken care of.
We have a great family and  many great friends. We have been so blessed.  We are very thankful for each and every one of you.     
Rosie has been taken in to the doctor and had a physical.  She received all new belts and got a new hat (the fan top had a accident)
So now with her new bonnet she is ready to hit the road. … On the list yet is to take the rest of plants to our daughter in law. Defrost refrigerator and freezer.  We have pretty much emptied them.  We are leaving our furnace on but lowing the temp so everything does not freeze up.                            
Nyla is ready to go and jumps in the RT every
time the door is open.  so today is a fun day out with friends. 
Hope the snow stays away…………………..

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