Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend..

Friday, August 21, 2009

we left at 10 and it was raining. surprise surprise........
We met the martins at the corner in chatham.
arrived in Newberry
 we did not have wifi from our site and martins did not have cable like it said.
Carol was not to happy.
Although it rained all day and I didnt take many pictures we had a blast.

We drove up to whitehouse point then to whitefish point Marina you could walk out on this real cool pier and we looked at all the fishing boats.
 I only saw one I would ever go on....YIKES    the rest looked pretty scary to me...

We looked up and off to the west and wooooooooooooooo there was a big rain storm coming
          we ran as fast as we could to try and beat the rain... the rain won
 on into Paradise and to the blueberry festive.
 To bad the weather was so nasty.
everyone there was real friendly and  having a real good time.
Going on down the road we saw a big sign that said free dinner on the day of your birthday.
 today is my birthday so we stopped.. it was ran by native Americans and was a fish restaurant.
 I could get anything I wanted off the menu.
It was the best perch dinner I think I ever  have had...... I didn't think I could even eat it all.
                                   And much to everyone disappointment ..
.                                                                             .I did... yum yum...
  They  surprised me buy bringing  out a birthday cake and sang.
 It was great. We were all to full to eat cake so we brought it with us. .

We got back to the camp everyone came over to Rosie to have cake.
 It was good
        so in spite of the rain
                                  a good time was had by all

. One of the best birthdays I have ever had.

To God Be The Glory