Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Aug 12, 2009 Welcome Rosie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going to Meet Rosie
We left early in the am on the following Wednesday and made the 8 hour trip.

we had talked to the salesmen many times

there were 25 pictures off her on the net.
And she seemed to be saying her name was Rose. We are weird like that we always name out autos...

We had a ford tractor once and LJ named him Gerald...
The salesman parked her in front so when we arrived we spied her.

It was so hot there and it must have been a hundred or even hotter inside the RV she was parked in full sun and on black hot pavement .
It was hot to even stay in and go through it. My first thought when we walked in the very small opening was kind of shock. My thoughts were It is so small after our Honey.
I loved Honey.
We struggled for the next few hours looking it over and coming up with a deal.
He came back with a deal that was just to much money.We sat and prayed

Would she be ours? We decided this was not in our price range
they wanted to much
we made a counter offer which LJ took back inside
they accepted it.
WE felt so excited she was to go home
back to the UP.and become a Yooper

Thank you Lord.
We started out journey on down to our good friends house in Jones and spent the night.
After a very tiring day. And a inside bath for Rose. We retired early wonder how this bed is going to sleep. I tucked in a sleeping bag and quilt just in case we did work it out and it looks like its a good thing..... I think the rose may be like fine wine and just be coming into her prime.

we had not left the RV place even 20 min. when LJ looked out the review mirror and saw the red flashing lights pulling us over. Yet were stopped by the police. A real nice policeman was behind us and ran our plates. He stopped us and told us that our vehicle did not look like an S10 pickup. We told him that We just transferred our plates and it had not went through to the state yet. We just bought Rose. He was curious as to why we drove 500 miles to get a van. After a discussion We found out he was a Yooper he was a real nice guy. He missed the UP but his girlfriend did not want to move up there. Poor girl does she not like 260 inches of snow or more. what is wrong with her????

To God Be The Glory