Friday, August 14, 2009


Friday, August 14, 2009
We got up pretty early and showered at Rick and Karens.
.. We then proceeded to go out on our very first adventure.
 we kinda like the little table that is in the front and we left up all the time.
 we are going to Elkhart Indiana the mobile home capital of the US  we thought this would be a good place to look around.
It was very hot outside.
then we drove on over to our son's place of work.
They had a few custom vans outside ready to roll
.  they were awesome.
Our son is a painter there.
They were doing custom golf vans for the team of Ole Missip
it was one awesome van. Wish I would have taken some pictures of it.
Than back to and Evening of jibber jabber with Rick and Karen
It was so fun..

To God Be The Glory