Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day One like Christmas Day

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day One Explore.....

Day One:

It is like Christmas for LJ day, he keeps finding hidden treasure. and We did find the truck manual which the RV salesman didn't think there was one. Thank you Jesus. Cause it would have taken a long time to fig out where everything was. We were not sure everything was working but so far so good. We are having a problem with the fridge. I think it is just fussy but sure praying we do not have to buy a new one right away.

Today is day One exploratory

and boy is it hot outside here.

.after plugging into the electric we found the following.

The air is running

.the fridge is kinda... running so far so good. We feel blessed and thankful for finding this little jewel.

This is just what lj wanted. I have to say I did love our Honey. but seven to nine miles a gallon was not going to get us to far.

Rose is small enough to park in a McDonald,S. parking lot. a real plus..

. LJ really likes driving her. We are not sure on the gas mileage yet.

We are going to the kids and spend a few days and than maybe wander on home Monday morning. LJ wants to go up lake Michigan side so we will just take our time and go.. all our plans are subject to change. We already decided not to make long range plans.

We are already loving this. LJ has worked hard today getting the awing up. It is perfect and so cute.

There were so many wasp nests in all the nooks and crannies outside he had to bomb them with some wasp spray. This Unit has a rear bed which we both love and sleeps wonderful. I will post pictures very soon.

We were going south 6 years ago for the winter months and we were gone for one month we only made it to Indiana....

The kids thought it was pretty funny and they don't think we are going far this winter.

LJ didn't think he wanted to travel. But already I heard him say we wont need snow tires so maybe he is thinking of going to FL to see brother. It would be a great trip.

But defiantly after hurricane season. Rose (the Treker) rig came from FL so she probe would be glad to go back for a visit.

I need to take pictures of Lj doing his thing he gets so excited when he find a buried treasure it is like Christmas for him.

Well night two in Rose and she is amazing. What a wonderful bed. God is so good to allow us to have the means to buy this jewel. We found out today everything works. WE we not to sure about the fridge but LJ did it. He thinks maybe we were not level enough to get it to work on the Electric. The battery should be charged up pretty good today. WE our on our first adventure to Aunties and then on to another Aunts for her 81 birthday.  LJ is talking putting in 2 15watt solar panels

To God Be The Glory