Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello and My name is Ben

August 18, 2009

One week old today happy birthday Rosie...

we had so much fun coming on home.
 We stopped at the bridge and it was so neat to go into the gift house and be under the bridge. It was a beautiful day.
We stopped places we had not stopped for the last 37 years of making this trip.
We turned down a dead end road
A beautiful view of lake Michigan we decided to relax for a bit.
Just ready to take an afternoon snooze  a knock on the door
A person stranded wanting to know if we knew anything about cars.

We met Ben
He was a very nice polite guy who was on his way to Northern Michigan University for orientation he really needed to be there the next day.
After looking at his car.  We told him we would take him.
So we unloaded all Ben's things and threw them in Rosie and headed to Marquette. Along with Ben;'s dog.
We may never see him again...
but all things work the way they are supposed to
 we were ment to go down that road and find him.

God is the blessed controller of all things. )

To God Be The Glory