Monday, August 17, 2009

Aug 17 2009 Going Home

Day Six Going back to da UP

Sleep like a baby . this mattress is amazing... lj sleep good also.

It is raining and the sound of it on the roof is great.

Maybe go half way home today and half way tomorrow.
 Not sure yet where we will stay.
Picking up some sweet corn and some peaches today. Yum yum..

the sound on the roof is getting louder. Wow... is it raining. Starting to leak by the back door and in the sun roof.
 It has rained over 4 inches in one hour in some spots down here.

That is a lot of rain...

we took off in the very hard rain about 10
we decided to mozy on up to the UP a way we have not been in years. It was wonderful although the rain did follow us.

We stopped most of the leaks with good ole duck tape.. :)

thank God for the man who invented duck tape.
We went up through Newaygo and went to Mesick. Decide to check out a few state parks by fife lake. To our surprise there was no one there.

Lj wanted to go a bit further so we decided to cut over to 131 and hit Gaylord. We found a walmart and picked up a few supplies.
We decided to spend the night and check out Jays in the am. After a supper of fresh sweetcorn and fried rice we went in an ask if it was ok to park here. They said no problem.

well now we have six or seven neighbors. It looks like maybe even another RT trekie... we have not seen another one old or new since we bought rosie.

To God Be The Glory