Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Indiana Whatever Where ever

Saturday, August 15, 2009   Very hot out
 today we woke up and decided we would do
 whatever and where ever ..
no special plans but thought we would hit a few garage sales.

The only good problem is that rosie da trekie is so awesome she does not need much.
We picked up a couple of hanger thingies to hang stack clothes
A few baskets and we were all set.
 We had a blast.

OK now came the long awaited time for the first gas since we bought her. Lj went in to pay and told me to fig the gas mileage.
 Are you ready?
                  He came back and I very excitedly told him 40
she is getting 40 miles to the gallon..
He started laughing and looking at my fig. I had us going 345 miles when it should have been 145 miles.
 Well after the math whiz fig it out it came in at 18.9 which made us both smile.
Great Job Rosie we are loving ya even more.

We went to church that night with the kids to Granger community church.
Which is one awesome church. I thought we were at a rock concert at first.
They have five services every weekend. It was very nice and very very big. They do amazing service for the community in this hard depressed economical times. It is a church that really goes out and helps the community
I love a church that works like what I have in my mind of what the church should be.
 Loving and helping mankind.
Thank you Jesus for this great mission they have taken on.

Well we were exhausted when we got back and went off to bed which to my amazement was wet....very. very,very wet.
We left the air on for our dog while we were gone and the air-condition leaked all on my side of the bed...of course it had to be my side..:)

To God Be The Glory