Thursday, September 3, 2009

Copper Harbor and Black River Harbor

September 1 2009
Our son had told us that they had finished the memorial for our son  who was killed in the line of duty in 2001, and we wanted to stop and see it..
It is wonderful memorial and looks great.
Thank you Sheriff Cromell and all involved in making this such a great tribute.. We have a great sheriff in our county he is a wonderful father and a great man.
It lights up with a blue light at night it is very beautiful.
After the dreaded stop at the dentist..
Just kidding Dr. Adam's.
You are great and no pain ever. :) we were on our way.
We made one stop  on the way out in Marquette.
Which by the way you can spend the night RV parking in this Wal-Mart.
Marquette is a great town and a very beautiful one. If you get there be sure to check out the Marquette mountain, sugar loaf, and out to Presque Isle Also stop at the welcome center they are very helpful and can guide you to some of the best spots.
We spent our first night at  Baraga state park which is the oldest state park  in the UP .the host told us and it maybe the oldest one in Michigan.
It is a beautiful park other than it is so close to the highway. Very clean showers. The host was telling us the park used to go to the lake but when they put the highway in it went right through the park and now there is a division. A very noisy one to boot. They have a teepee that you can rent that kids would love.

Even big kids...
there is a tiny cabin also which is very cute. We were very comfortable in Rosie the B. keeper. But still trying to get organized. Moved around a few things today. Every day is better. LJ loves camping in a B he did not like the C camper our Honey  very much at all.

One nice thing about the Roadtrek is that at 19 ft. we can park in a normal parking place. We can go anywhere. We are going up to Copper Harbor tomorrow and see what is going on there.
September 3

it was a beautiful sunrise and we have had beautiful weather. Cool nights and wonderful sunny days. Perfect UP weather. Depending on if the wind is blowing it is cool sweatshirt weather till mid afternoon.
We drove on up to Copper harbor. It was a beautiful drive. If we would have waited one month we would have been full color. 
We went to Fort and a IMG_0038wonderful interpret took us through and told the history of the park. It was great.

We drove up on Brockway mountain drive and it was breath taking. Our little roadtrek had no problem with the mountain.
We arrived in to Houghton tired and spent the night at a Wal-Mart. We got permission from the management. It was very quiet and they were very nice. We were the only ones there
We got up early and after shopping inside again..  believe me you do not save money stopping  overnight at Wal-Mart.
We drove a very very beautiful drive and stopped at a roadside park.
Called about another state park at Lake Gogebic. A very very big lake. Over 3000 acres.
We arrived early about 11 and set up right next to the lake. A beautiful spot.
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We took Nyla for a walk and wished we had our bikes.
On our walk around the park we ran into our neighbors at home the Dhonts. How cool. They also have never been here before.
Tomorrow we are going up to Black River Harbor.
September 4
traveling through the western part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is very beautiful. Very hilly for the most part lots of ski hills.
Big ones.
we got up and headed over towards Bessemer we missed where we turned to go up to black harbor and went on to the welcome center. Talked with a very nice lady who gave us coupons for camping and very good information on the area.
I highly advise stopping at these places.
She told us about Little girls point and said it is an excellent place to hunt for rocks.
We went on up to Black River Harbor and picked out a site before we did anything else. It was a good thing we did because by nightfall they did fill up.
There is an annual fishing tournament going on this weekend and the camp host said they have it every Labor day .
This is a very nice campground. Very quiet. Very woodsy and it is up on a cliff so you are not at the water level and only a few campsites can you see the water .
We took off and went to rainbow falls which was over 200 steps down to...
huff and puff I did. Realized boy oh boy am I out of shape.
There are five really six water falls in a very very short distance. Told LJ I needed a break before we tackled the next one . After lunch at Rosie's diner we took off for Little Girls Point.
This is a very wonderful spot and  township campground
and more in the open. Not so far up and wow were there the rocks and stones.
Quite a few people were swimming. There are four or five ideal spots right on Lake Superior for camping. You must have to reserve them way way in advance. We are so glad we drove up here.
We drove into Ironwood Rosie was hungry and she gobbled down some petrol...on the way into Ironwood we saw a turn out for Mount Zion. Our Pastor told us about this place so we went up to the top and it was a very nice scenic view of the city and area. We could not see lake superior there are so many mts hiding her. But it was worth the trip.
There is a place on our road back to camp that is called Copper peak. Wow it is amazing this is the only spot I would like to come back sometime in the winter.
It is a place you can go up in ski seats and get to the top and it goes up 18 stories it was made for ski flying. You can go up and see all around for 2500 acres. It says you see apostles Islands. Porkies and even into Canada. They are open tomorrow but the man said they had issues with lift chairs. “Issues “ does not sound good to me. He said they drive you up the service road and you can then take the elevator. It you so chose after you go the 18 stories up in the elevator you can walk up even further where the ski flyers go. Only the top 100 skier in the world do this. I am thinking they must be a little crazy. But this is amazing thing to see and we are so glad we went back there.
The man told us where to go to get the best picture so we went and LJ shot this.
Pretty cool aye?
On the way back to campground we stopped and decided to look at sandstone falls. It was 145 steps down. It was very beautiful and would love to see it in the spring. The only thing with springtime in the UP ya get the bugs. And Misquotes. and now we heard ticks are here.
We have yet to see a bug so this is almost a perfect time to explore the beautiful UP.
September 5
Happy Birthday Eric
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We had three more falls to go and see in the area. They were very nice and it was quite a walk.
The most beautiful discovery was right here in our own back yard. The black river harbor its self. It has a boat dock and a beautiful bridge that you walk across to go to a fantastic beach right on Lake superior. A very big beautiful day use park. And it was loaded with people.
We then went back to copper peak. This place fascinates me we decided not to go to the top. You could drive up the mountain and then go the 18 story elevator and if you chose to do so ..walk up 13 more stories where the skiers took off. This has not been used for skiing since 1992 I think she said but they are trying to bring it back. We ran into a local who said she had seen all 10 times they used it and it was amazing. Only the top 100 skiers in the world would qualify to go down this mountain. It is something to see if you ever get to the western UP of Michigan.
We are going to go home today. We could have not picked a better week to go as every day the weather has been perfect. No mosquitoes..
the springtime would be the time to come back as the falls would be roaring I am sure.
Stopped on the way home to Agate Falls,  It is right on the highway and it was awesome.  Well worth the stop.
A wonderful trip and a perfect stay and everyone was so friendly.
We were a little off in our timing. A month later Oct. would have been full color. Or in the spring the falls would have been roaring. But weather wise..
This was truly a four star vacation..****

To God Be The Glory