Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sat Aug 22, 2009 First Breakfast in Roadtrek

Sat first breakfast in Rosie
        Saturday am.
                                 Got up and was kind of cranky..
                                                 I know that is so hard to believe.. :)
I was cooking my first meal in Rosie.
                   We were having pancakes and eggs and bacon.
                               and guests..................
Well the micro wave does not work
                could not find everything I wanted in the kitchen.
.                                     but after much searching I found the syrup.

Martins came over about 9 (first guests for breakfast)
              we fig out how to set four people around our table.
                                      It was cold outside and still raining  (of course)
.                                                      The table worked out pretty good.
 actually better than when we had them over in the Honey our class C....

Maybe this B is going to work out very nicely.
To cold to eat at the picnic table.
         afterter reorganizing everything in the kitchen we finally got breakfast done.
 It was very good. Had to put eggs on the bed though

Martins left camp soon after breakfast
       we were going to the dump station our first dump...
                               boy that sounds weird... :)
We had not dumped yet since we started back to the UP.
                       All it all it went pretty good.
                                I pulled some levers on one side and lj put the hose in the other.
Next time it will be much easier.
                              we then decided to go on to Marquette to look for a shelf to attach to the closet door.
For much needed counter space.........eggs on the bed do not work for me..
On to Marquette to Menards and LJ bought a shelf to make me a counter.

On the way home...Carol called and wanted lj to come and watch the preseason
Chicago Bears game and spend the night in Martins campground..
although very tired we thought that would be fun.
after a quick dinner at a roadsidepark  a Frisbee game for Nyla we were on our way...
we watched half the game
no one could keep there eyes open......but bears were wining at half time...........
go bears...
we went to bed.........snore snore...............

To God Be The Glory