Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a Week in Rosie Roadtrek. Has It really been a week????

After a week of living in Rosie our Roadtrek we have made a few changes

The thin down blanket on bottom of bed and big down blanket on top is more than enough covers.  In fact last night it was almost to hot.

We switched out the closets and tweeked them a bit we think we almost have it the way it works for us.
We have not done a lot of cooking in Rosie yet as we have been invited out or ate at the kids.

The back bed is ideal we love it and it sleeps fantastic.

  If you listen close you can here someone still snoring. 

Just kidding. We are thinking this bed is as comfortable or more so than our bed at home.

We are loving the trek and can not wait to get down where the sun is shinininining......:)

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