Friday, November 27, 2009


We left Rockville at about 8 am.  A great time in Rockville.

We arrived in Reedsville PA at about 11 at night.   Rosie loved the tail wind and surprised us with giving us 18.2 miles a gallon. We are not planning on making any more large trips in one day as this one was. 
Traffic in Ohio was horrific and we went down some side roads as there was a big back up of cars on the Interstate.
 Ron showed us how to work our was a bit trickie...but now we have music after all these months. 
.  The side roads were beautiful and wish we would have had time to stop. Went through major Amish citys.   So we will catch these towns on another trip.

Here in Reedville they have three diff kinds of Amish...white tops, yellow tops, and black tops.
I have never heard of this and they told us it is unique to this area.  The tops of their buggies are the different colors to seperate the different  groups. 

We are staying in the house as Kay, Lois sister insisted but I miss our Rosie...she seems like being home away from home.  The bed is Rosie is amazing and sleep better than we do at home. 

We are going local shopping today and it should be very interesting. Going to some Amish stores.  And some unique grocerie stores.
Thinking of going to Hershey tomorrow. 
Every girl needs a Chocolate fix now an then...............:)   Right Anna???????

30 some people here for thanksgiving.  It was great and Lois family is so wonderful.  But miss my family at year if we go south going to have to wait till after Thanksgiving. 

We are having a great trip....

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