Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are there No Fat Cowboys and Cowgirls in Bandera??????

After sitting two hours in a walk in clinic in Bandera Texas LJ and I decided there are not fat Cowboys or cowgirls who live here.  A steady steam of people went by..............not one of them heavy.....  maybe I need to buy a horse. 

We were waiting on my cousin last week at the OST to go out to eat.  And in rolls two guys with there Bronco (car) cowboy hats and two six shooters on there belt.  It was just like out of the old westerns.  LJ thought they may be Texas Rangers but we could see no evidence of it.

We are leaving Monday morning.  Can not leave early or it will cost us more money.. 

Month rates are the cheapest, than weekly next than daily are the very   highest.  If you leave before your time you book you jump up to the next highest level.  We already paid from the monthly to the weekly at the tune of 30 dollars but don't want to leave and owe the daily rate.  I know this does not prob make sense but that's the way it is. 

Prednisone does weird things to the mind.  Also does not let one for the next few weeks you may want to skip over this blog.

So all that said we are pulling out of here early Monday and prob no Internet access for a while. 
Going to Waco and than to Paris.............To the famous Swaim's Hardware.....  

God is good all the time....................


  1. I love your blog! You might have something here.... horse diet.

  2. thanks. I am considering it.. shredded wheat and cherrio's (oats) :)

  3. I want you to send me outline of that rate chart please....they may be teaching me something NEW way down here on the coast of TEXAS!!!!


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