Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freddy Swaim's Hardware in Paris Texas

On to Paris with a quick stop at the Russell Stover Candy store outlet in Corsica Tx.  LJ bought me a heart box of candy for our Anniversary.  Isn't he the nice?     

  We drove on up to Swaim's hardware and talked to a real nice man who owns the hardware.  Freddy Swaim.  LJ thinks there may be a connection in Genealogy we met his son and had a great time talking to this very interesting man.  This hardware is like none other. Yes, John they still sell your same stove you brought to the UP.

They say they can put there finger on anything in the store and I believe it.  It is four buildings now and it is amazing. Like none other I have ever seen.  They say if you can't find it here you don't need it. 

We went on then to Detroit to see if we could find a good friends old house but with not much luck. (Yes there is a Detroit in Tx.)    We spent the night at a Flying J's truck stop and had an awesome breakfast.  They stay you can stay at Flying j"s and Wal-Mart for free.  But our experience is you may well want to get a campground.  We spent more money than a campground would be.  After a great night sleep we are going on to Mississippi.  (Yes Anna we were not attacked and felt very safe..)                                        IMG_2024

A stop at the Candy store.  For Chocolate...Yum yum  

lJ , Freddy Swaim and Freddy's son...Swaim's Hardware Paris Tx there since 1932
Entering Red River County...
God is Good all the time..........................


  1. Jill Walker PierceJune 26, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    Hi there...love the pic of Freddy Swaim and his son. Freddy is my uncle!!

  2. Thank you we sure loved meeting them.


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