Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will it ever quit????? snowing that is

It was wonderful waking up this morning to white..snow snow everywhere
.. almost did not even need lights on in the house. 
 The good Lord is so good to us no sun in the sky

               so white light on the ground.   Yippeeeee......

I saw him peak out his head the other day

 Mr. Sun that is
 and yes he still is yellow and beautiful.  Ran for the camera...and oops he was gone.
I yelled the SUN IS OUT so loud to my husband who was working on his computer ran to see if I fell or something.  I was happy jumping up and down
 the sun is out
 the sun is out....

 he was not a happy camper

 he did not see the humor in this and mostly cause he never saw the sun...

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