Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A wonderful dinner and time of fellowship with some of our kids last night.

We had buffalo and venison steaks..  yummy.. sure did like that buffalo..

Wish we could stick everyone in our pocket and take them with us.....but on the other hand maybe they would not even want to go...

Off to the big city today to pick up a few things to close up the house today.

Weather 35 outside and we sure will not have to shovel the roof before we leave.  Well lets hope not,  It is bare now.  :)

We decided not to take our golf cart or bikes...going to walk.  sigh...   boy I am so lazy.

The weather man just said a very calm day....love that calm..

Meeting grandson for lunch today...  time sure does go fast.  They say the older you get the faster it goes.
That sure does seem true.

Have a blessed day and always remember

God is good................all the time
All the time God is good....

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