Friday, August 10, 2012

Feels and smells like Fall

It sure feels like fall.  Almost could turn on the heat these chilly mornings.

Two weeks gluten free and yesterday was the hardest day ever.  You would think when one gets sick it would not be hard to resist the donuts and home made bread.

  Our order from Amazon arrived of Gluten Free products to try. Betty Crocker has a Gluten Free pancake mix.  Really can not wait to try it.  It gets good reviews also.  I love Amazon and try and only order what is shipped for free.

 We were really surprised how many diff things our stores in town have. Guess people ten years ago never had this many options.

When I started this diet it was only for two weeks to see if it made any diff.  A trial so to speak. .  It has made such a huge diff.   Now my husband wants me to go for a month.
So I agreed we will go one month out and see.  We fig trying it is hurting nothing.  They are saying you need to be diagnosed by a doc for Celiac but a biopsy of the small intestine seems pretty radical to me.   It could be just an intolerance  also.
It is amazing how much food you can eat and it does seem pretty livable.
IBS is not fun.

Last nights dinner:
Fried Rice.
Saute onion , carrots, snap peas in olive oil
add two cups of cooked rice.
add three eggs and cook till eggs were done.

PS I cooked up a big pan of rice and froze it in two cup packages.  We like Brown rice and it takes a while to cook.  This works great..  :)

It was yummy had a jello salad with it.
LJ made me some bread it is excellent bread.  Think there may be some real challenges but ideas using this.  It is Gluten Free Pantry and very good bread.  But as with all Gluten Free produts it is expensive.

Well it will see how the next two weeks go ...

God Bless
God is good all the time.......................all the time God is good.

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  1. I was saying this a couple weeks ago! Even after we had such hot, drought weather, it got cool and such a 'fall' feeling! I love it!

    I'm in south central Michigan, always wishing I was 'up north' though. We had a place on Sugar Island, at the soo. I'm so hoping we get to take a trip up north this fall, I sure do want to, miss it SO MUCH!



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