Saturday, November 3, 2012

Re: Can You Survive?

Can you survive?
Some things we are doing and have done....
We have made our own  laundry soap off and on for years: 
Grew many to count  
Dried and canned food  we  mostly dry things now days.
I have
          Knitted winter hats, sweaters
                   Crochet blankets and shawls,
 Wove wool rugs
 Crafted,  this is called one of two things:
Survival or WINTER 
The winters are long up here....there is a lot of time to read and learn  to do a lot of things.  To get those creative juices flowing and to be creative.
I think a lot of the people in the city need to stop and think.... And learn to prepare for the worst... 
Hurricane Sandy can and will teach a lot of people to wake up and get ready for when the next natural disaster happens.  They can and will, they always have and they will happen again.  If they happen in multitudes there may not be as much ready help available.  Boy scout motto:  BE PREPARED
I am not Mormon but I think they have it right they have a years supply stored up.  Not to hoard it but enough that they can help others .   
Know what to do to be ready........  learn what to do
 how to store.....educate yourself. 
 We  always prepare for winter up here.  We have been  snowed in for  up to five days when we lived on the farm.  Maybe that is why they sometimes  call Yoopers survivors. 
Do not procrastinate
Do a little bit every day....
Mission today is to:
Dry and roast pumpkin seeds
Dry Cilantro
Make homemade Ranch dressing with Coconut milk
Also to make smoothie with sorghum  did this and it was great......

Wisdom is a fine thing....  I pray the Lord will give me a portion of wisdom and help me to do His will.... 
God is good all the time......
      All the time God is good..

To God Be The Glory