Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is the Day....... For One

 Have never felt so good in my entire life as I feel now.
 God is so good.
 When we went to Green Bay for LJs surgery LJ wanted to go to a Harbor Freight. He is thinking of doing some solar panels.
There just happened to be a very big goodwill right next store.
 We smiled at each other. He went one way and I went the other. I love Goodwill.
Love the rush of the find. Guess it carry's over from my picking days in our Antique store.
 Walked in turned right and went right to the book section....there was a book "Living Gluten Free for Dummies."
 I almost yelled out with joy.
A blessing for 3.99 which would have been 19.99 in the book store.
 It is so fun and such a rush to see God taking care of us in such a way. It is a wonderful book.  Thank You.... Thank you Lord for leading me here.
 And as I look back this change in my life came from one women.....a women at church. We were standing in line waiting for refreshments. She told me she was Gluten free and why..... I did not even know her. A few sentences she said to me and it changed my life for ever. The power of So very thankful for what she said. I had never even heard of gluten free before then. What a blessing she was and is.
How this stranger spoke to me and said a few words changed my physical life forever.
God gives each of us a story and they are not the same stories but they end up hopefully all on the same page.
The heavenly page of Glory.

Praise God

Have a blessed day....a wonderful Sabbath.

God is good all the time
. All the time God is good.

To God Be The Glory