Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well we did it.............

 we sold our Rosie Roadtrek.....

 (we were then planning on going down to Alabama and rent for the winter.)  

I sure do love Alabama..... :)

But a change was about to happen.....
 a month ago my hubby said he would like to maybe mmmmmmmmmm
stay home and shovel some snow......

Is he crazy????
       I think that may be the case..
after a two night soak in our sons hot tub he decided to pacify me...

.if we were going to stay home all winter what are we going to do???
      we decided to go look at hot tubs... 
We drove into the big city and found the spa place and low and behold guess what???

It was love at first site

Standing there in all her glory..was a beauty .(well we now named her TUBBIE) she does not sound much like a beauty with that name. 

 How about Beautiful Tubbie???

They just happened to have a big sale going on  ... In this sale it included a thrown in chemical package, lifter for top, and the top cover ..
We did not resist and took Rosie money and got a Nordic Hot Tub...the round one.  The Round DEEP one... GREEN one

Just happened to have extra insulation which we needed up here in this great North sub zero winters.   The beautiful GREEN DEEP TUBBIE also had jets and a whirlpool .. YIPPEEEEE
And it is green my favorite color. 

Wow now we are not rich in money in any way but using Rosie money to get this was probably one of the best things we have ever done.  
We have some pretty wicked winters up here  our son who said his bill came in at 40 to 50 dollars more a month in winter we thought giving up  a trip or two  to town and giving up  eating out a few meals would cover this easy in our pretty tight  budget.

.Last Sat we ran into our Doctor in Menards.   he said it was wonderful we got one and should really help LJ , he thought it should be mandatory for everyone to have to have one.  So we were pretty excited.

Now as you know we are retired and older.....

baby boomer plus one boomer before the boom.

My before boomer guy has a few issues with his health. 
 A couple heart attacks.
  Arthur visit...and poor circulation in his legs..  this doctor said he feels this will help him immensely.  He said it was like gathering pennys.  Each time you go in you get another penny and they add up after awhile.  (Pennys meaning health.)

I will be putting a picture of TUBBIE on very soon.......

Keeping TUBBIE'S water balanced for someone who is not and I say NOT a chemist has been the biggest challenge.

More to come on this in a later post......

To God Be The Glory